BACKYARD: Statement
These Polaroid images were made from a Super Shooter 669 that I converted in to a pinhole camera. When I get the chance on sunny weekends, I go out in to my backyard and try to look closely at the natural and unnatural things going on in this small space. I try to observe what is literally going on in my own backyard. Living within a large urban sprawl one notices the extremes but misses the subtleties of the seasons. The hemmed in microcosm of my backyard allows me to experience all these changes. Over the years previous owners have provided a variety of flowering plants that offer colors, shapes and textures from spring to fall. The transformation continues as autumn leaves and bare branches become covered by the snow and ice of winter.

I catch and collect images of all these things continuously changing, growing and getting out of the control of the gardens neatly imposed boundaries. Here I can be in this delightful green paradise, surrounded by the houses of other city dwellers that never seem to notice that they too have an outdoor private space. I relish this space I have been provided with. With this Polaroid camera I get down and explore the garden in a cat like way. The results are impressionistic sometimes abstract images that are like some half-dosing feline meditation, on guard for movement and the recognizable, yet almost disassociated. Peering in and out from the shadows, watching and waiting.