LOST: Statement
In the winter, in these cold climates, everyone dons the extra warmth of gloves, hats, and scarves. But as these are extras they have a tendency to get lost. Taken off and put on as you travel from place to place. Stuffed into a pocket or a sleeve or a hood or a bag. Then somehow, unbeknownst to the owner, they manage to slip away. Once it has been found to be lost, who knows how far you have traveled. And it is only an accessory, some wool or cotton or fleece. Returning to find it is only for the very precious and maybe expensive. And what are the chances of finding it? Rather slim I believe. So what do they become? They become piles of cloth on the sidewalk. Blown in to a doorway. Run over in the street. And pretty quickly cleaned up as trash. I started pondering this one winter. Noticing the red or blue or black piece of cloth that very recently was keeping a vulnerable body part warm, and is now just litter on the street. The gloves being the most common and having the most human of shapes. Then I received a present that made me take even more notice. A pair of gloves, soft, colorful, wool gloves. Then the unexpected happened, but maybe not so unexpected, I lost one of my new gloves. That cinched it. I had to photograph those poor lost gloves just to make it up to my own lost glove.