ORIGAMI: Statement
Using a pinhole camera made from scratch, I create work in the tradition of the travel/landscape photograph. For each picture I have placed a small origami figure in front of the camera’s aperture. Introducing this small object to the otherwise natural settings, distorts the scale, and adds something alien and sculpturally abstract. The presence of these small origamis is stretched and expanded by the wide angle of the pinhole camera. In the photos they begin to resemble modernist sculpture, inexplicably placed, as if they had wandered off of some corporate lawn, or city square. They block the landscape and insinuate themselves on the picture plane. At once hulking and menacing, these forms are also as delicate as flowers, butterflies, or fragments of stained glass. The final images are markers, documents of my travels over a 16-month period. The origami becomes the surrogate for my presence, representing the photographer in the photographed landscape.