Sunlight is one of the subjects flowing through and holding together these interiorscapes. These prints exhibit an idea, which combines body and architecture, symmetry and light. This is a self-portrait; my head and eyes, my bedroom and its two windows. The room is anthropomorphized and my skull is architecturalized. Put another way; three containers, two receiving light, one living and the other inanimate are then mediated by a third; a container and device to catch light, the pinhole camera.

The images on the prints record the abstract shapes created by sunlight coming in through the windows of the room. The room is made strange as light and shadow arrange into shapes falling across the floor, wall, and furniture. Within these abstractions the contrast of dark shadow and intense light makes for a jagged harshness. The gum printing softens and brings a more tangible atmosphere to these images. The layers of watercolor pigment add depth and dimensionality. Also, the gum bichromate process, exposing a contact print in the outdoors, brings me back to the sunlight initially used to expose the negative.